COVID-19 response by SAJIDA Foundation

SAJIDA Foundation:

SAJIDA Foundation is a non-profit organization which has been operating since 1993 with a vision to ensure health, happiness and dignity for all. SAJIDA serves six million clients across 26 districts utilizing a resource pool which is 3,711 strong. SAJIDA’s interventions support small businesses through a diverse portfolio of financial products & business development service, provide access to affordable & specialized healthcare through strategically positioned social enterprises and multi-sectoral development programs. SAJIDA, one of the first responders to the COVID-19 crisis has so far supported more than three million individuals with a set of interventions including frontline & digital healthcare service, agriculture supply chain strengthening and distribution of food and hygiene packages. SAJIDA is constantly adapting it interventions to address ground realities.

SAJIDA is seeking support for the following items:

  • BDT 1,000 (USD 13) can educate and raise awareness on COVID-19 amongst 100 individuals
  • BDT 1,500 (USD 19) can purchase agriculture produce from a rural farmer which can then be redistributed to sustain a family of 4 for 2 weeks
  • BDT 4,000 (USD 49) can purchase essentials from small retailers to support 1 garment worker family for 1 month
  • BDT 6,500 (USD 79) can enable a vulnerable community to access a portable handwashing station
  • BDT 1,220 (USD 15) can provide handwashing materials for 1,000 individuals
  • BDT 4,130 (USD 50) can provide 1 PPE set to a frontline healthcare professional working with COVID-19 patients in isolation units & ICU
  • BDT 3,000 (USD 37) will ensure treatment for a COVID-19 patient in the isolation unit for 1 day
  • BDT 15,000 (USD 181) will ensure treatment for a COVID-19 patient in the ICU for 1 day
  • BDT 25,000 (USD 302) can support shelter and food for 50 children for 2 weeks.
Funds Raised
  • ৳ 45,500.00Pledged
  • ৳ 500,000.00Goal
  • 6Contributors

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