Why "Cholo Shobai"?

Amplifying Impact: “Cholo Shobai” brings all good causes under one umbrella.

Ease of Experience: The payment process is very simple. It is very easy to raise a fund or donate. Money being generated against a cause or campaign can be viewed on a real-time basis. Due to payment through bank card, every transaction can be traced back to the donor, minimizing any chance of ‘black money’ or money from ‘illegal and criminal activities’ hitting being channeled through this system.

Trust and Credibility: The projects are either by established and renowned organization or individuals with credibility. Cholo Shobai applies an internal due-diligence whereby the background of each individual or organization willing to raise fund is checked and verified.

Acknowledgement: Each donor will receive an acknowledgement for their contribution, and an update on their chosen initiative every month till the campaign runs.


How to get our initiative uploaded in the site?

The first step is submitting your campaign details through this page and then contact us through email or our Facebook Page. If we think your cause fits with our objective, we will ask for additional information. See the list of required documents

Within maximum 72 hours, our team will make a decision. If you fulfill all criteria, your campaign will be live in our website.  

What type of causes/initiatives can we raise fund for?

We want to onboard causes or initiatives that work for the well being or safety of a community (like equipment for nurses) or respond to a national crisis (like COVID-19) or support a very localized problem (like safe-drinking for slum dwellers in old Dhaka) or create a mechanism to increase income or livelihood of a group of people (like a project for buying farmers’ produce from Jashore)We are also open to causes that touch SDG goals.  

Is it safe?

The advantage of an online platform is that the money raised for your cause or your organization can all be tracked digitally. You will be able to track total money raised on a real-time basis 

What will be the responsibility of the campaign partner?

There are some requirements in the beginning while onboarding with us, mostly documents. You are expected to submit soft copies of these documents at an earliest. Once the funds are being raised, it is mandatory for the partners to provide a few photos, and output of the initiatives, mostly through numbers. If the campaign generates more than 75% of your target, we may want to bring some of your donors for a look at the initiative a few weeks/months after the initiative starts.  

Will I/we get all the money raised under your platform?

There is a 3% charge for using payment gateway on all donations. There will be a registration fee and other weekly charges going forward, but for now, there’s no cost involved for all Corona related campaigns except for payment gateway charges.  

Can I raise fund as an individual?

Yes, you can. But you must provide information that demonstrates your credibility and previous experience to our audience.  


How do I fund initiatives of my choice?

Click on the ‘Donate now’ button to be directed to this link https://choloshobai.com/wf-listing-page/ where all the campaigns are showcased. Should you choose to know more, please click on the campaign of your choice. Put your desired amount on the box. It will prompt a few questions, and will ask for bank details.  

During COVID-19, we will only accept card payment. But we will make exceptions for a sizable amount, but it has to be through account payee cheque. We will NOT deal in cash or cash cheque.  

How do they receive my money? What is the guarantee that they have received your money?

We transfer money to your chosen initiatives regularly. You will also be provided a system-generated receipt immediately and a certificate copy for payment worth more than BDT 10,000 (signed by a representative of the organization) when the campaign is overThe website will also provide you real-time information. So, if you have donated BDT 500, you will see that has been added to the total fund.  

Every quarter we will provide a simple 2-page report with photos showing the work that has been done where you have contributed.  

What types of initiatives I can donate my money to?

You can either fund individuals or organizations or societies/groups. We have provided the information. Please use your judgement and preference to choose who you want to fund.  

How do they receive my money? What is the guarantee that they have received my money?

We transfer money to your chosen initiatives every week. You will also be provided a system-generated receipt immediately or a certificate copy (for payment worth more than BDT 10,000 signed by a representative of the organization).  

Every quarter we will provide a simple 2-page report with photos showing the work that has been done where you have contributed.  


Can you guarantee the authenticity of these initiatives?

We have a due-diligence process by which we bring the background and enough information of the individual and organization to the surface so as an individual donor, you can make an informed decision. It is mandatory for every campaign partner or organization to provide monthly information/report on how they have utilized the fund. You will get to know the progress from those reports. 

Please note that Cholo Shobai does not do or intend to do any external audit of any campaign. But there are times we will highlight some of the initiatives/case in our website. We will randomly choose causes/initiatives.