Footsteps Bangladesh COVID-19 Relief

Footsteps Bangladesh is currently working on raising funds to buy and distribute projective gear to the waste workers and cleaners of our country. 

Waste management is an invaluable public health service, especially during the current coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19). While health and emergency service workers are rightly being recognised as vital frontline workers to the COVID-19 epidemic, in their shadows are another equally vital group: cleaners. Cleaners are often invisible, undervalued and, some of the most vulnerable to workplace exploitation in our country. Those of us privileged enough to have waste management services right now are benefiting tremendously from avoiding the health risks of waste piling up. Cleaners are protecting their communities by risking their own health, not from person-to-person contact but from objects that might have been touched and discarded by infected persons. Therefore, providing fair work conditions for cleaners is critical. 

For a contribution of BDT 1865 you can provide one waste worker with the following:

a) Face mask
b) Safety goggles
c) Gloves
d) Safety boots
e)Protective overalls

With your support we can make sure our waste workers are safe!

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Funds Raised
  • ৳ 615,000.00Goal
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