Food Bank Network Bangladesh: Supporting Corona Virus Affected People

Who we are:

Due to recent outbreak of Covid-19, thousands of poor and low-income people are bearing the brunt of the deadly virus without being infected. Food Bank Network Bangladesh is working to build an eco-system partnering with several organizations to serve the underprivileged people, day laborers and needy people specially in different slum areas in Dhaka city and the affected places across the country who have lost their income due to corona virus outbreak. Under the network of “Food Bank Network Bangladesh” at present there are four organizations named Gift for Good, Jaago Foundation, Bhatbank, and I’ social are working in a collaborative and partnership approach to help and uplift their livelihood. We have the greatest impact and effectiveness when collaborating and working together to strengthen the beautiful country we call home and the amazing people that are our neighbors, friends, and family.  Our mission is to end hunger During the COVID-19 Crisis, epidemic hurting Bangladesh economy , jobs and food chain.

What we do: Fighting against Covid-19

Due to the recent outbreak of Covid-19 people are losing their any income option that they had previously. Due to the big hit in economy the people living in the bottom of the pyramid got affected including the day laborers and the lower middle income class who mostly dependents on informal economy. Considering their present situation and impact evaluation we have hit the project “Fighting against Covid-19” in the round with some emergency/short and long term strategies for the poor people with special attention to the lower-middle class.

Our work and distribution approach

Based on a quick survey that we conducted in different slums in Dhaka city (sampling over 200 households), considering different issues including their current status, previous income and number of dependents, we are providing several standardized food packages that includes basic food and commodities to the slum dwellers and day labourers that may last at least for a few weeks. Through our partners and a pool of almost 100 dedicated volunteers we take on the operational part in the ground.

Providing food packages: It is one of our prime agenda we are working for. Addressing their needs and level of vulnerabilities they possess we distribute our food packages and commodities to the underprivileged people. In times of packaging and distribution we maintain a data set and based on that we provide them food packages and try to feed them varies from 1 week to 1 month. Our one standardized food package includes: Rice: 5 KG, Atta: 2KG, Pulse (Dal): 1 KG, Potato: 2 KG, OIL: 1L, Salt: 1KG, Common Medicine: Napa, Saline, Soap: 2 Pieces and Bag: 1 Piece

 Raising awareness: To raise awareness on COVID-19 besides fulfilling their immediate needs, we are also working to raise their awareness on different safety and security measures that are required to take on during the outbreak of Covid-19. To facilitate awareness activities we provide them with different leaflets and stickers and also engaging with different community level interventions.

How to support:
Considering their level of vulnerabilities and based on the survey that we conducted in different slums, we have opened three options to contribute and support our work.

Package 1

Adopt a family  of four persons/ 1 week
BDT 850/USD 9

Package 2

Adopt a family of four persons/1 Month
BDT 3400/USD 40

Package 3

Adopt a Slum of 50 families/1 week
BDT 50,000/ 588 USD

  • A N M Rakib Ul Hasan

  • Fariha Hassan

  • Aazia Hossain

Funds Raised
  • ৳ 6,000.00Pledged
  • ৳ 1,500,000.00Goal
  • 3Contributors

Donate ৳ 850.00 or more

Package 1

Adopt a family of four persons/ 1 week for BDT 850/USD 9

Donate ৳ 3,400.00 or more

Package 2

Adopt a family of four persons/ 1 Month for BDT 3400/USD 40

Donate ৳ 50,000.00 or more

Package 3

Adopt a Slum of 50 families/1 week for BDT 50,000/ 588 USD

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