Bangladesh Crafts Community Emergency Response


Support Artisans During COVID-19 Crisis 

Recognized by UNESCO as an intangible cultural heritage, Jamdani is an emblem of identity and dignity for the people of Bangladesh.

As many as 250,000 people are reported to be engaged in Jamdani trade in the district of Narayanganj. 

The impact of the economic crisis during Boishakh left these artisans  in a devastating position 

 The struggles of Jamdani artisans could be eased significantly if emergency financial aid is provided to them.

To assess the condition of the weavers, Innovision and Bengal Craft Society have collected data from the weavers of Naraynganj. For the full report, please click here.


Some of the findings are as follows:

– 96% of the Jamdani artisans do not have any secondary source of income; the shutdown thus immediately affected their livelihood

– None of the artisans that we interviewed currently have any income

– Prior to the lockdown, the artisan families had an average monthly income of TK 12, 768 which is amongst the lowest of the household incomes  if compared to that of  RMG workers or Rickshaw pullers

– Artisans are ridden by debts; 67% of the surveyed artisans currently have loans. 

– 71% artisans have an average amount of TK 22,000 as advance from the Mahajans; 

– Their debt burden is increasing; 71% of the surveyed respondents reported that they have already borrowed money to cope with COVID 19 crisis; the average amount borrowed is TK 6,918

– The increasing debt burden means that even when they are back to production; they will not have the disposable income to pay for food

– 84% of the respondents reported that they do not have any money to pay for current expenses. The rest had cash to support only 5 days of income at the time of the survey

– 68% of the respondents reported that they do not have any food in stock to support their family

– The majority (97%) of the surveyed respondents have stopped spending on protein intake for their children or pregnant women at home.



The National Craft Council Bangladesh and Bengal Craft Society have taken the initiative to mobilise a fundraising drive to provide financial support for the artisans in Bangladesh.

The first phase of this initiative aims to raise funds to provide financial assistance to approximately 2000 Jamdani artisans who are experiencing economic difficulty. 

From the funds raised BRAC will distribute 1500 BDT to each artisan.



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Donate ৳ 1,500.00 or more

Emergency Cash Flow Assistance

Donate BDT 1500 (approximately £14 / $18) to support 1 artisan for two weeks

Donate ৳ 3,000.00 or more

Emergency Cash Assistance

Donate BDT 3000 (approximately £29 / $35) to support 2 artisans for two weeks

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