Shishir Water: Kick The Virus- Give Access To Clean Water

About Shishir Water

Shishir is a clean drinking water solution working to serve the underserved population of Bangladesh at an affordable price so that they can continuously avail it and in an environment friendly way so that there are no negative impacts on nature or the beneficiaries. Shishir utilizes a micro-franchising model where a local youth runs the micro production centre and sells drinking water for USD 0.006 per liter.

About the Project

Today 1 in every 5 Bangladeshi’s are in need of access to safe drinking water. It’s a big crisis! COVID-19 pandemic makes it worse.

To kick the crisis, Shishir Water is setting up portable water treatment solution in the slums of Dhaka to ensure access to safe drinking water for the needy. With your support we can deliver clean water at home and improve the health and well being of our communities while they stay home.

In partnership with Spreeha Bangladesh Foundation, Shishir Water is setting up up a portable water supply for clean and safe drinking water in Rayerbazar Slum area. During this pandemic many of the slum dewellers of Dhaka city are finding it difficult to get access to clean drinking water. As more than 90% of the water supplies in slums contains fecal contamination, providing safe water can help increase hygiene and prevent spread of virus and bacteria. With BDT 400,000 funding, together we can ensure access to safe water for 3,000 slum dwellers for a year. Each day your BDT 0.35 donation can give access to clean water to 1 individual.

Shishir uses worlds first UV-LED water cleaning solution produced by Watersprint AB, Sweden. Each of these MPCs has real time monitoring alarm, maintenance and statistics online and alarms via SMS and email, available via mobile phone, tablet or computer.  We are setting up Shishir micro-production units in the slums; involving the local voulnteers; raising awareness and thus ensuring access to safe drinking water.

With your support we can also ensure access to safe water in the slums of Agargaon BNP Bazar, Tejgoan  Railway, Mirpur 6 etc.

We are in this together, let’s do this!

Funds Raised
  • ৳ 400,000.00Goal

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