COVID-19 Emergency Response for the Rickshaw Artists

Rickshaw Painting, a dying art-form of Bangladesh proclaimed as an ‘Intangible Cultural Heritage’ by UNESCO. It was already hard for the Rickshaw Painters in Bangladesh to endure in the age of modern illustrated art.

Due to COVID-19 shut down, not just fear of a possibly deadly disease, but a lockdown of all social, and economic activity has brought darkness in the lives of these craftspeople. The Rickshaw painters are mostly dependent on daily production and sales based on orders. Their lives in this crisis have come to a halt — there are no orders, no sales, no raw material or no money to feed their families.  Restrictions for COVID-19 quarantine have already made it impossible for The Rickshaw Paint Artist to work and earn an income for their families. Until they are able to resume work, our artisans will have no way to provide for rent, basic food + sanitary needs, or any health care that could be incurred.

Protibha, under It’s Humanity Foundation has been working with them for years and we constantly tried to be there through tough times .Like always, in the worst of times, Protibha came to support them as they are an integral part of us. Therefore, we have arranged this fundraiser campaign to provide basic support for shelter, food and sanitary packages, as well as an emergency relief fund, to help our artisans and their families survive the next several weeks, until they are able to return to normal earning.  We hope, once COVID-19 is no longer a concern, our artisans will be able to resume their dignified jobs with Protibha, through which they will continue receiving commissions and opportunity to feed their families.

We aim to raise funds to provide financial assistance to our associated 10 Rickshaw Artists who are experiencing economic difficulty with a minimum monthly allowance of BDT 10000 per artist for 3 motnhs which will cover their

  1. House rent,
  2. Basic food supplies and
  3. Other emergencies.

As, now holy Ramadan month is going on, no other time can be a best time to support another person and be a part of humanity. Please support our artists in this crucial time to keep them safe and healthy so that they can return back to their regular life and start working once this pandemic comes to an end.  

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Funds Raised
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  • ৳ 900,000.00Goal
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